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Hacking Family Caregiving

Grandfather, mother, and child.Family caregiving can be chaotic. Over 40 million family caregivers take care of both children and seniors in the U.S. alone. Multiple people may be taking medications, managing blood sugars, tracking blood pressure, staying on a diet, or trying to keep to an exercise plan. That's a lot of chaos. Caregivers must make sure that everyone stays motivated and on track, and has everything they need to reach their goals. Sometimes it's a solo job, but often caregiving responsibility must be handed off between people with understanding of what it takes to make it all work. Semafores' brings sanity to this process.

At Semafores we understand the problems of family caregiving first hand because we live them every day. The company was started by CEO Julie Tittler to create a mobile application to assist family caregivers. The idea came from her own pressing need to simplify her role as primary family caregiver for her own family. Other team members have faced their own caregiving challenges.

Semafores was a 2013 Mass Challenge finalist and a finalist in the 2014 Female Entrepreneur Challenge sponsored by the Boston Business Journal, Care.com, and the Center for Women in Enterprise.

The Semafores Team

Julie Tittler

Julie Tittler, Founder & CEO

Julie is the principal architect/developer and majority shareholder of Semafores. She is a Cornell trained engineer with over 18 years’ experience in software development. Julie founded the company in part meet her own complex family caregiving needs. She is a longstanding member of the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society, WIE (Women in Engineering), and the Society of Women Engineers.

Gil Swire

Gil Swire, Co-Founder

Gil handles quality assurance and customer experience. He has over 20 years experience in software development and quality assurance. He has experienced his own complex caregiving situation with his live-in mother-in-law who had diabetes and terminal breast cancer. Gil received a B.S. from Hobart College.

Curtis Ellett

Curtis Ellett, Co-Founder

Curtis handles marketing. He is a writer, editor, web designer, and publisher of an on-line magazine. He holds an M.A. from Cornell University and a certificate in web design from UMass Lowell.

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