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Handshake with a tablet in the picture.
Behind the scenes work
helps make the deal.

Last Friday Semafores pitched to a potential corporate partner and possible investor. I did not deliver that pitch. We had planned that I would, but it came out in practice that I wasn’t ready, and wouldn’t be ready in time. There was too much at stake for us not to put our best pitch person in front of the prospect, so my friend and colleague Julie Tittler stepped in to do the pitching. It remains to be seen what the results will be, but I think she did a great job. She spoke with confidence and knowledge. She answered the questions she was asked with authority. She was clearly practiced and well prepared.

Are You Ready? sign

The most common answer to “Are your ready?” is “Yes.”. For me that usually means I will be ready in just a minute. Recently, I was awakened to just how not ready I was. How I had been on autopilot until the situation changed and I had to deal with it. Had I really been ready the problem would have been, not simple, but more manageable.

It’s no secret that information is often best presented in a graphic form. Charts and graphs can display trends and make clear the relative values of numbers that would be very hard to appreciate from raw data displayed on a table, or included in a paragraph of text. Even when a group of statistics is related only in theme, they can be easier to comprehend when presented in an infographic rather than included in the body of a written report. Whether as illustrations for a piece of written content, or as stand alone content themselves, infographics can be invaluable in communicating facts to an audience.