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Woman Facing Away
Not everything is your fault.

It's painful isn't it? Seeing your child ill, struggling to overcome crosses which she's too young to bear: illnesses mental, physical, or emotional. It must be something you did, right? She's too young to have brought it on herself. Maybe it was something that you did or didn't do while you were pregnant. Maybe it was a medication. Maybe it's environmental. Maybe it was the partying you did in college. Maybe it was the worry and stress when you were pregnant. Maybe it's just genetic. But half the genes come from you, right? Maybe if you paid more attention you wouldn't have missed it. She's too young. It must been something you did.

An older couple out for a run.

Recently a new park with a beautiful running track opened up not far from my home. Knowing my sedentary habits and need for regular exercise, my wife suggested that we start running together on the track. Though I hadn’t gone running for more than twenty years I agreed because I know l that I need to start moving while I still can. We plan to run three days a week, as long as the weather permits. On weekdays the only time that fits both of our schedules is 4:30 in the morning, so I know it will be a challenge to stay motivated.

How do I plan to keep myself on the track? By setting goals that help me track my progress and identify success.

Girl with megaphone.

At Semafores we know that caring for your family shouldn’t be a lonely job. It’s easier and far less stressful when you don’t try to go it alone. With Curi™ we give you the tools you need to get help from your family and friends when you need it, no matter what kind of help you need.

Sometimes what you need is someone who can take over for a while. Curi™ lets you hand-off caregiving to another caregiver in your Curi™ family with ease. Other times you need someone to look over your shoulder and check your work. That’s what our Minder tool is for.

Sometimes you don’t need someone to take over for you or to catch your mistakes, but just need a little encouragement. This is what Boosts are about. Boosts are messages from your friends you can use to keep yourself motivated. They can be text or multi-media, just like any alert in Curi™. You can read them as they come in, or use them as alerts to give yourself the little burst of motivation that keeps you focused on your caregiving or wellness goals.