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At Semafores we're here to help you meet the challenges of caring for yourself and your family. We are hard at work creating applications to help keep you motivated and organized. Alas, they aren't ready yet. I'll let you know when they are, I promise. We know they will be a big help and when you get a look at them we're sure you'll want to give them a try. Our commitment to helping you care for your family doesn't begin or end with our products. We're happy to help any way we can through our blogs and forums.


You read that right. Think about it. An employee spends 24 to 40+ hours working for you every single week, for years on end. They spend more time putting up with you than your family does on a regular basis. They are a huge investment of time, talent, and money. They laugh with you. They cry with you. Your company is their life's blood. Without you, their families can't eat and don't have a place to live. Without them, you don't have a company and you can't feed your family and don't have a place to live. It's a very reciprocal relationship in some ways.