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Dad and son hugging.
Always your kids.

Parenting Adult Children

When it comes to children it can be said that they are always always entering a new phase. That is what growing up is about. I didn’t realize, however, just how much of a generational thing this is. I remember Thanksgiving dinner with my mother, aunts and uncle when my wife and I were turning 50. There was conversation around the table and I remember rather distinctly, though I don’t recall the details, that my wife and I were being referred to as the kids. Now I am not one to stand on formality but I had a teenager and a grade schooler at the time. How can my wife and I be the kids? Of course, this is all part of life’s perspective. I am the youngest of all my cousins and the youngest in my family so, in a way, it makes sense that we will always be the kids to my parent’s generation.

People working out on treadmills.
At the gym.

In September I took up running on a new track near my house. I made a promising start but I couldn’t keep it up. I planned to run early in the morning but found it harder to stay motivated than I had anticipated. I soon discovered that I had less enthusiasm for getting up before dawn to run in the dark than I thought I had. Also, I missed the sleep I had to give up.

Family enjoying Christmas.
Enjoying Christmas.

The Semafores team would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Our hope for you is for a safe and happy holiday in the company of friends and loved ones, and for a day of joy, peace, and ease. Our sorrow is that we know that our wish will not come true for everyone.