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Broken glasses.
Spare pair?

Last week I had a minor accident. I tripped over a step and face planted into the sidewalk. I escaped with a few scrapes and bruises, which are healing nicely. More serious was the damage to my glasses, which were smashed beyond repair. Without a backup pair, other than my prescription sunglasses, I had trouble seeing my computer screen for a few days, and was very reluctant to drive at night, which is a big issue when night starts at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Keep your data locked up.

Did you hear about it? I’m talking about the latest computer breach that made the nightly news on Monday. This time though, it also included names and data on children. I learned about it before the story broke in prime time. News of the data loss was published online in detail and with an analysis. The end result is the same. You put your data online when you register with a site and you think it is safe, or you don’t think anything about it at all. And then you find out "your business is in the street".

Happy Thanksgiving you and yours.

With Thanksgiving coming this week it seems a good time for the Semafores Team to say our own thank yous to the many people without whom we could not continue to operate and make progress as a company. No names will be used but we hope you know who you are.

First, we each thank our teammates, without whose support, understanding, and hard work our individual efforts would be pointless.