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""So?" you ask. "How do you make a killer app?" Well, as our CEO and Mother of inspiration, Julie, would tell you it starts with you tossing and turning in bed kicking yourself while reliving how your son’s medications got botched. It is anger, frustration and fear roiling together. Thankfully things turned out alright. It could have been much worse.

Pain pill or vitamin? This is a question straight out of the reality TV show Shark Tank where ‘contestants’ pitch their businesses to real life investors to convince them to invest in their business. The question is really, “Is this an app people need now?” No. Yesterday, because the pain is killing them. Or is this more like a vitamin? It’s good for you and it may help you stay healthy and whatnot but if you didn’t buy it you might not miss it. You might not even be able to prove it’s helping. Make no mistake. When a Shark asks this question they almost always want to hear only one answer—Pain pill. No one beats a path to your door for a better vitamin.

Very seldom do I see a hack that makes so much sense that it is just a gimmy. Let me explain. Curtis’s blog post “My Medication Hack”—about taking his meds with him everywhere, so whenever he remembers to take them, there they are—hit me right between the eyes. I take vitamins. I mean, I try to take vitamins. Not a single daily multivitamin. My brand takes organically grown foods that are then concentrated and made into vitamin supplements. So instead of one pill this becomes three pills, twice a day. Then I take calcium supplements and another supplement to insure my joints stay limber. All told I take about thirteen pills a day. Anyway that’s the plan. So there is no way I’m humping all these bottles and trays of stuff with me everywhere I go. Then where’s the benefit of this ‘take the bottle with you’ hack? Lets start back at the problem. I have a seven day pill case with an AM and a PM side. Every Sunday I fill it for the week. Every morning and every evening I am supposed to pop open the appropriate hatch and take my pills. Problem was every morning I would walk out the door without taking them.

A spilled bottle of pills.

I’m very fortunate when it comes to my health. I’ve reached my mid-forties without ever having been seriously ill or badly injured. I’ve never been hospitalized and have only one chronic health concern. I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a genetic kidney condition that causes progressive deterioration of the kidneys leading to eventual kidney failure. I was born with it, of course, but I’ve known I’ve had it for about twenty years. PKD can cause pain and other symptoms, but in my case there are none that I would notice. My doctor noticed that my blood pressure was starting to rise, which is a symptom of PKD and very important to control because high blood pressure itself can cause kidney damage and accelerate the progression of the disease.