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A young man holding his head in his hands.

When he was growing up I never thought of my son as having special needs. Oh, that’s not to say we didn’t go through our share of all the rest: ear infections, food allergies, speech therapy (I still smile when I remember when he said to us, “AH-hoo pie”. Priceless!) and asthma. We took it all as part of growing up.

He had few friends in grade and high school and he loved hanging out with them. He was either with them or on his computer or, later, building something for his electric guitars. But he was the oldest of two and by more than five years. It was easy for him to have solitude when he wanted it and a lot of the time he would disappear into his room and into himself.

A father with his young daughter.

When my daughter, Maura, was born nearly thirteen years ago I was between steady jobs, selling books at Borders while I tried to develop a freelance web design career. The freelance career never worked out for me, but the retail job conveniently allowed me to work nights and weekends. When my wife, Jennifer, went back to work a month after giving birth, infant day care wasn’t a real option. It would have cost more than my take-home pay. I changed my hours so I could be at home during Jennifer’s working hours and stayed home with Maura. For the next ten years I was a stay-at-home dad.

A woman in glasses showing surprise at what's on a mobile phone.

A major source of stress for family carers is the fear that they might make a mistake. Curi™, Semafores’ social mobile family caregiving application, was born of that fear. When our founder, Julie Tittler, made a mistake with her son’s medication which nearly landed him in the hospital, she searched for a mobile tool to keep that from happening again. Finding nothing she thought would work for her, she started creating her own.

With its comprehensive scheduling tools to help carers keep track of their caregiving responsibilities and hand-off tools to take the guess work out of sharing them, we at Semafores are confident that Curi™ will help to reduce the chance that carers will make serious errors. Because we know that no tool, no matter how well designed, can completely eliminate all sources of error, we’ve added still another tool that carers can use to prevent them—the “minder”.