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Semafores’ Perspective on Caregiving

Curi™ is the Social Mobile Platform for Family Caregiving but what is family caregiving, and who is Curi™ meant for? If you read the news you may have seen the terms “family caregiving” or “informal caregiving” used to describe care given by family members to disabled, usually elderly, adults. By choice or necessity, these family caregivers give many hours of their time to caring for family members who can no longer care for themselves because of dementia or a disabling physical condition brought on by age or injury. These caregivers often must make considerable sacrifices in order to give their loved ones the care they need, sometimes even giving up their paid jobs to be available at all hours.

MaryRecently, I was thinking back on the challenges and things I learned from when my mother in law moved in with us some fourteen years ago—how I never expected my family to grow by the addition of an adult and how that adds new dimensions to caregiving and family support.

My mother in law, Mary, moved from Cincinnati to live with us about fourteen years ago. It was after her husband died. After several years of trying to make it on her own we realized moving her in with us would be the best thing. At first, she would just come out and visit for a few weeks. Then for a summer. But before long we could all see that she really thrived when she was part of the family. We had no in-law apartment. She shared a room with my daughter and was part of our everyday lives.


At Semafores we're here to help you meet the challenges of caring for yourself and your family. We are hard at work creating applications to help keep you motivated and organized. Alas, they aren't ready yet. I'll let you know when they are, I promise. We know they will be a big help and when you get a look at them we're sure you'll want to give them a try. Our commitment to helping you care for your family doesn't begin or end with our products. We're happy to help any way we can through our blogs and forums.