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People working out on treadmills.
At the gym.

In September I took up running on a new track near my house. I made a promising start but I couldn’t keep it up. I planned to run early in the morning but found it harder to stay motivated than I had anticipated. I soon discovered that I had less enthusiasm for getting up before dawn to run in the dark than I thought I had. Also, I missed the sleep I had to give up.

Broken glasses.
Spare pair?

Last week I had a minor accident. I tripped over a step and face planted into the sidewalk. I escaped with a few scrapes and bruises, which are healing nicely. More serious was the damage to my glasses, which were smashed beyond repair. Without a backup pair, other than my prescription sunglasses, I had trouble seeing my computer screen for a few days, and was very reluctant to drive at night, which is a big issue when night starts at 4:30 in the afternoon.

We can help on a cork board.
Common sense advice

Often, when I am searching online for content to repost to Semafores’ social media feeds I find articles offering advice to help family caregivers. Sometimes it comes from professional caregivers or experts in the field, other times from family caregivers passing on the wisdom of their experience to others. Many offer advice on how to care for elderly relatives, others on caring for children with medical issues. Regardless of the point of view of the author or her intended audience much of the advice is the same. A few simple principles are repeated in many variations.