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Curi™ splash screen.
Curi™ by Semafores.
Continued from Thank You Curi™

Amy cautiously eyes the room trying to give the impression of looking for anyone about to ask a question. In reality she doesn’t want to be caught with her guard down looking at her phone. Barely glancing down at her lap she opens her Curi™ app, glides to a screen with hers and Bill’s picture across the top, and taps on Bill’s image. Silently in the background an exchange is taking place. Curi™ allows, among other things, for an adult to manage the caregiving for one or more children. To indicate which adult is currently in charge a “C” in a red circle had been attached to Amy’s picture. By tapping the picture of Bill she was asking Curi™ to notify him that she wanted him to become the caregiver for Sarah and handle the next task.

Couple talking over breakfast.
Start the day right.

The day begins at 5:30am in the Adams household. Bill rises at the sound of the alarm clock and today heads straight for the shower. His schedule is fairly packed and he is anxious to get started. His wife, Amy, follows a quarter of an hour later. They sit down together at the kitchen table and go over their schedules together over a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. Bill takes out his iphone and Amy her Android. Bill chuckles quietly to himself at how this makes them a ‘mixed’ couple.

Handshake with a tablet in the picture.
Behind the scenes work
helps make the deal.

Last Friday Semafores pitched to a potential corporate partner and possible investor. I did not deliver that pitch. We had planned that I would, but it came out in practice that I wasn’t ready, and wouldn’t be ready in time. There was too much at stake for us not to put our best pitch person in front of the prospect, so my friend and colleague Julie Tittler stepped in to do the pitching. It remains to be seen what the results will be, but I think she did a great job. She spoke with confidence and knowledge. She answered the questions she was asked with authority. She was clearly practiced and well prepared.