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The most common answer to “Are your ready?” is “Yes.”. For me that usually means I will be ready in just a minute. Recently, I was awakened to just how not ready I was. How I had been on autopilot until the situation changed and I had to deal with it. Had I really been ready the problem would have been, not simple, but more manageable.

Feet running on a treadmill.
Using the Treadmill
Why do I think that Curi™ will be a game changer and not just another stuff it in your pocket and forget it app? In my house we are not immune to new year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside. In my bedroom lies a treadmill that was going to keep me fit rain or shine. I can’t see it but I know it’s there under a mound of boxes. In the garage, strapped to the side of the pantry shelves, is a ski machine. It was the predecessor to the treadmill. I still have the directions, somewhere, and someday I will put it on ebay. My family even has a name for all these gadgets though I have no idea if it is original. We call them Monuments to Good Intentions. You probably have some in your house, too.

Family blowing out candles.
Joyous events cause stress
Photo by Gia Peralta
Last week was a stressful week for me. There is always a fair amount of stress involved in working for a startup because there is always uncertainty. Last week was the annual shareholders meeting and there were potentially contentious and anxiety creating issues in need of resolution. If they had remained unresolved things might have been different, but, as things were, work was not the greatest source of stress in my life last week. The greatest stressor was an unquestionably joyous event.