Handshake with a tablet in the picture.
Behind the scenes work
helps make the deal.

Last Friday Semafores pitched to a potential corporate partner and possible investor. I did not deliver that pitch. We had planned that I would, but it came out in practice that I wasn’t ready, and wouldn’t be ready in time. There was too much at stake for us not to put our best pitch person in front of the prospect, so my friend and colleague Julie Tittler stepped in to do the pitching. It remains to be seen what the results will be, but I think she did a great job. She spoke with confidence and knowledge. She answered the questions she was asked with authority. She was clearly practiced and well prepared.

While I didn’t deliver the pitch, I did do what I could as part of her team to help Julie be at her best. I gathered facts and helped craft arguments. I made slides for the presentation and made sure that they were ready to go when they were needed. Teammate Gil Swire and I sat in on practice sessions with Julie to help her smooth out the rough spots in her delivery. When she went to deliver the pitch on Friday afternoon we were there with her for moral support and so we could be called on to answer any questions that touched our particular areas of expertise.

Julie gets the credit for a great pitch. She worked harder than any of us to get ready, and would have done a creditable job without our help. Still, it was easier for her to do a great job with the rest of her team pitching in.

This is only one example of what is often the case in business and in life. Notable individual performance is often built on the work of others behind the scenes. People can succeed on their own, but they do better when they have a team to support them. At Semafores we believe that this is especially true in family caregiving. While one person in the family often takes the greatest share of the responsibility for caregiving, she can do it better if other family members pitch in to provide support, encouragement, and respite. Curi™ will help them do that.