People working out on treadmills.
At the gym.

In September I took up running on a new track near my house. I made a promising start but I couldn’t keep it up. I planned to run early in the morning but found it harder to stay motivated than I had anticipated. I soon discovered that I had less enthusiasm for getting up before dawn to run in the dark than I thought I had. Also, I missed the sleep I had to give up.

The problem remains, however. I am still badly in need of regular exercise, especially now that winter weather is keeping me indoors. Yesterday I took a step towards meeting that need—I joined a gym. I walked over to the Planet Fitness near our office during my lunch break and signed up. Today I have packed my gym clothes and plan to carve some time out of my workday for a workout.

I’ve tried to get in shape before and have never been able to keep it up. Not only have I tried running, but I’ve joined a gym before, too, only to stop going after a few months. Why am I optimistic that I’ll stick to my resolution to go to the gym this time? I’ve removed the barriers that kept me from running by finding a place convenient enough to visit during a break in the workday. I can get my workout in without sacrificing equally necessary sleep. I’m also planning on getting the social support that I’ll need to keep me motivated. My close friend and colleague Julie has the same need for getting some regular exercise that I do. She is joining the same gym, so we can workout together.

My next step will be setting some realistic fitness goals that I can work towards. I’ll speak with a trainer to get some help with this, but I know I want to build endurance and reduce stress. Expect a report on how things go in a later post.