It’s no secret that information is often best presented in a graphic form. Charts and graphs can display trends and make clear the relative values of numbers that would be very hard to appreciate from raw data displayed on a table, or included in a paragraph of text. Even when a group of statistics is related only in theme, they can be easier to comprehend when presented in an infographic rather than included in the body of a written report. Whether as illustrations for a piece of written content, or as stand alone content themselves, infographics can be invaluable in communicating facts to an audience.

The problem with infographics is that they can be time consuming to produce using the tools I had available. In the past this has meant that I’ve made little use of them in Semafores’ marketing even though I knew they might be more effective than what I was currently doing. Recently I discovered a new web based application that greatly simplifies the process of making infographics, Venngage.

Venngage offers a fairly complete suite of tools for creating and publishing infographics. It begins with an extensive collection of templates to help you get started. Basic drawing tools and text tools allow customization. A wide variety of graph and chart blanks make creating graphic displays easy, as does the large selection of icons. On the whole I am quite impressed, though when I took Venngage for a test drive I did find that the grouping and selection tools didn’t always work very well.

For a quick test of Venngage I created a simple infographic about asthma. There aren’t any charts or graphs in this one, just a few numbers organized for easy comprehension. The data comes from the CDC. This might be the first in a series of infographics on common chronic medical issues in American children. Certainly there will be more infographics to come. I’d be interested in hearing your ideas about what you would like to see. You can email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send them to @Semafores on Twitter, or post them to our Facebook page.

Asthma fact sheet.