Semafore's Booth

The Visions of Community 2014 conference held March 8th in Boston by the Federation for Children with Special Needs provided a wealth of information for us from both the parents and from the professionals attending. I spoke to dozens of parents about the aspects of caregiving that they found most challenging. 

One woman told me about her daughter who she described as being on the autistic spectrum. What she wanted was a way to remind her daughter to do things like brush her teeth and lay out her clothes in an engaging and timely way that would be easy for her daughter to use. It would be even better if her daughter could also receive positive reinforcement from her family and friends she when completed her tasks.

Another woman, who has a 16 year old son with special needs, saw our application's potential for handling logistics; remembering doctor's visits, staying on top of medication refills and the like. She felt that a tool which could manage appointments, coordinate who would do pick-up and drop-offs, and allow for the delegation of other tasks between her and her husband would be a big help.

We would like to hear your thoughts. What does optimum family caregiving look like to you? What tasks are you trying to manage? What challenges do you face when trying to coordinate who does what for your loved ones? Write us. We really would like to know.