Happy Thanksgiving
...to you and yours.

With Thanksgiving coming this week it seems a good time for the Semafores Team to say our own thank yous to the many people without whom we could not continue to operate and make progress as a company. No names will be used but we hope you know who you are.

First, we each thank our teammates, without whose support, understanding, and hard work our individual efforts would be pointless.

Next, we thank our families, without whom Semafores would not exist. Not only does the emotional, practical, and financial support that you give us make it possible for us to keep working, but you are also our inspiration. Both as our caregivers and as our cared-fors, you teach us about the problems of family caregiving and point the way to solutions every day.

Thank you to our friends who have supported us emotionally and occasionally financially. You sometimes have more confidence in us than we have in ourselves.

Thank you to the many members of the Boston business community who have offered us advice and mentorship. You have given generously of your time and knowledge to provide the education without which no first time entrepreneurs could hope to succeed.

Thank you to the helpful and energetic folks at MassChallenge and at the Quincy Center for Innovation. The resources you have provided, and the connections you have helped us make have been and continue to be invaluable.

Finally, thank you to the professionals who provide the services we need to stay in business, particularly our legal team at Foley and Larder and the accountants at Worth Tax. We appreciate the work you do on our behalf, and the positive attitude of everyone we work with.

We wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Julie Tittler

Gil Swire

Curtis Ellett