Sick Mom cared for by girl.
Caregivers need care, too.

I'm the primary caregiver in my family. Always have been. Even when on "modified bed-rest" when pregnant each time, they looked to me, as I looked to my husband. I am not used to being the "cared for". But what really does it mean to be "cared for"? Does it mean being loved? Yes. But what I'm talking about here is having others look after your wellness needs either directly or indirectly. We primary caregivers just don't want it. We are the doers. I'll get it myself! I can do it myself! Don't worry about it. I'm good.

I have now been thrust into the opposite role. I don't like it. But here it goes...

Today is the first day of Lent. I usually try to do something just as a personal exercise in self-improvement and restraint. Usually I'm not so good at it, but at least I try, right? Well a couple of weeks ago my husband looked at me kind of nervously from across the table and offered a suggestion for Lent, (He's agnostic). He heard this story on NPR about fasting every other day. How it can be a long term diet strategy which works because it's not restraint every day, only every other day. You have to understand, I'm not just overweight. I'm obese. I've struggled with it for my entire life. I've tried it all. No luck so far. And my husband? Skinny as a rail, loving, and very polite. He NEVER brings up my weight.

But for the first time in my life, I find myself inspired to really try. He broke it down for this poor engineer. "Here's the science. Look at it. It seems reasonable. It could increase your longevity. You're always worried about that because people in your family die young. And the weight doesn't help with that. It might help your migraines. The kids need you to be around a long time. I need you to be around a long time." What do you say to arguments like that? I do it. I do it for them, but perhaps more importantly, I do it for me. If my husband is willing to step outside his comfort zone so far as to actually broach what he considers to be a taboo subject, and is really worried, then I should be willing to step outside my comfort zone.

Because when you look at it, fasting every other day consuming only 20% of your daily caloric needs, is in no one's comfort zone. I'm going to need support. But maybe our product, mBoost, will be just the ticket. I'll be able to reach out for help, and take the help and work it into a stream to boost me through the long days towards my goal. My husband will be there. My team will be there. My kids will be there. My friends will be there. Never have I had more support. Together I can do it.