Pills in a breath mint container.
Gil's Pills

Very seldom do I see a hack that makes so much sense that it is just a gimmy. Let me explain. Curtis’s blog post “My Medication Hack”—about taking his meds with him everywhere, so whenever he remembers to take them, there they are—hit me right between the eyes. I take vitamins. I mean, I try to take vitamins. Not a single daily multivitamin. My brand takes organically grown foods that are then concentrated and made into vitamin supplements. So instead of one pill this becomes three pills, twice a day. Then I take calcium supplements and another supplement to insure my joints stay limber. All told I take about thirteen pills a day. Anyway that’s the plan. So there is no way I’m humping all these bottles and trays of stuff with me everywhere I go. Then where’s the benefit of this ‘take the bottle with you’ hack? Lets start back at the problem. I have a seven day pill case with an AM and a PM side. Every Sunday I fill it for the week. Every morning and every evening I am supposed to pop open the appropriate hatch and take my pills. Problem was every morning I would walk out the door without taking them.

I tried putting the case somewhere obvious so I would take my vitamins on the way out the door, but that didn’t work. I read some where that if you want to do something, especially if you are trying to form a habit, you have to do three things. You have to know How and When to do it. You have to be able to do it. And you have to have the desire to do it. It wasn’t until I examined each of these that I saw what was right in front of my face.

I eat breakfast at work. It gives me a chance to sit down and, instead of gearing up with coffee, I can munch my granola in relative peace and quiet. I can’t take the vitamins on an empty stomach. There is a reason the bottles say, ‘...best with meals.’ In the morning I don’t have the time to root around the kitchen looking for a mouthful of something to go with my supplements. Right there I found two stumbling blocks; not having what I need to take my vitamins with and not having the desire because taking them without food makes my stomach hurt.

With that the answer became simple. Get a small container so I could take either my morning or evening supplements with me. A breath mint container worked fine. Flat enough to fit in a pocket. No screw cap to get lost. Clear so I can see at a glance if I am good to go and, even if it opens in my pocket, few will fall out.

So now, vitamins with my breakfast, wherever and whenever my breakfast happens to be, are a done deal. So why would I need something like Curi™? First, it would remind me when it is time to reorder all this stuff. Next, it would keep me on track with loading up my pill case on Sunday. Most importantly, it would give me a heads up if I’m busy and about to let breakfast, and my vitamins, slip by. And it will get my friends to High Five me for being consistent. I’m trying to build life long good habits and good habits can slip away if I’m not vigilant. I’m planning on using Curi™ to remind me to take vitamins. Why? For what it’s worth, here’s my opinion. I’m not on metformin for prediabetes or lipitor to reduce my cholesterol or high blood pressure meds. I know plenty of people who are. I guess what I’m doing is working well for me. Whatever your good habits are, find a way to ensure you stick with them. Know what and when to do what you need to do. Have what you need with you to “get ‘er done”. And get enough people in your corner cheering you on that you maintain the desire to succeed.