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Killer App?

""So?" you ask. "How do you make a killer app?" Well, as our CEO and Mother of inspiration, Julie, would tell you it starts with you tossing and turning in bed kicking yourself while reliving how your son’s medications got botched. It is anger, frustration and fear roiling together. Thankfully things turned out alright. It could have been much worse.

Pain pill or vitamin? This is a question straight out of the reality TV show Shark Tank where ‘contestants’ pitch their businesses to real life investors to convince them to invest in their business. The question is really, “Is this an app people need now?” No. Yesterday, because the pain is killing them. Or is this more like a vitamin? It’s good for you and it may help you stay healthy and whatnot but if you didn’t buy it you might not miss it. You might not even be able to prove it’s helping. Make no mistake. When a Shark asks this question they almost always want to hear only one answer—Pain pill. No one beats a path to your door for a better vitamin.

Have you ever seen kids play? It’s very similar to the way kids learn. A kid walks up to a group of kids.

“Can I play?”

“Sure. Sit down. Let me tell you all the rules. Henry! Bring me the big rule book and a board and easel.”

Right. Never in the history of the world would you hear that. Why? Because, really, nobody wants to sit down and learn all the stupid rules first. Instead, you want an app to be so intuitive that you open the box, turn it on, and follow the yellow brick road. You will figure out everything else, and it will teach you all the lessons you need to learn, along the way. If it can do all that, and you enjoy the journey, then your app is, in a word, elegant.

So. What does it take to build a killer app? First, you have to have a need to build this so bad that you can’t not build it. You might not sleep. You might not eat. You may need to discover or learn or unlearn and re-learn everything you need to know but this shall be done. It must need to exist.

Second, you make it a pain pill—that’s a vitamin. What?! Our app, Curi™, will not cure anything. Maybe it will keep you from screwing up and that will protect someone you love and that will feel good, like a pain pill. But more likely you will continue to use it because, like keeping an eye on your fuel gauge, it will keep you from ending up in a tough spot.

It must be intuitive. I don’t care if it is a Rube Goldberg machine on the inside. From the outside getting started must appear as simple as a traffic light. The pieces should fit together like a preschooler’s jigsaw puzzle.

Last, it has to be engaging. It is not enough that an app just do its job. It needs to form a relationship with you. Curi™ will remind you when you’re busy, warn you when you forget, show you how steady you are, and let you peek in on the ones you love just to make sure everythings okay. Perhaps most of all it lets your whole family look after and cheer for each other. For every pound lost or week holding to your plan your friends and family can join in and applaud your success.

Oh. I forgot one thing. You have to get it out of your own head. You have to find the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and watch them and learn from them just how easy it is to use. And then you modify and modify and modify. Then, when they tell you it’s All That, it’s a killer app.