Girl with magaphone.
Giving a Boost!

At Semafores we know that caring for your family shouldn’t be a lonely job. It’s easier and far less stressful when you don’t try to go it alone. With Curi™ we give you the tools you need to get help from your family and friends when you need it, no matter what kind of help you need.

Sometimes what you need is someone who can take over for a while. Curi™ lets you hand-off caregiving to another caregiver in your Curi™ family with ease. Other times you need someone to look over your shoulder and check your work. That’s what our Minder tool is for.

Sometimes you don’t need someone to take over for you or to catch your mistakes, but just need a little encouragement. This is what Boosts are about. Boosts are messages from your friends you can use to keep yourself motivated. They can be text or multi-media, just like any alert in Curi™. You can read them as they come in, or use them as alerts to give yourself the little burst of motivation that keeps you focused on your caregiving or wellness goals.

The special thing about boosts is that they come from your friends. Curi™ allows you to send out a request through social media to ask for a Boost. The Boosts you get back come from people who know you and understand what makes you tick. Whether you need an attaboy, or a kick in the pants, you’ll get it.

When might you use Boosts? Whenever maintaining motivation is a major problem in achieving your caregiving and wellness goals. Often this is a problem in self-care. For some the problem is maintaining a healthy weight or staying on a medication with difficult side effects. The wellness goal that I’ve always struggled with is getting regular exercise. My problem is definitely motivation. Most of the time I’d rather be reading a book or surfing the net than working out. It’s sometimes hard even to overcome inertia and do the things I do like doing, like taking a hike in the woods. I don’t want someone looking over my shoulder as a Minder and calling me every time I don’t clock in for my exercise, but an occasional verbal high-five from my friends when I’ve crawled out of bed early to go for a jog wouldn’t hurt me at all—neither would “Drop and give me twenty, you maggot!” from a few volunteer drill sergeants when I haven’t.

Boosts have applications for those caring for other family members, too. Sometimes people don’t need practical help but still need to be reminded that they are not alone, that someone else cares. Caregiving doesn’t always have a simple outcome. There may not be a happy ending, or any ending at all, even when the caregiver does everything they can and does everything right. A kind word from a friend may be just what they need to keep on when the going gets tough.

Finally, Boosts have uses that go beyond asking for emotional support, or friendly abuse, to keep you motivated. You could ask your friends for ideas when you’re stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Sometimes two, or more, heads are better than one. The Boosts that your friends send you could have more in them than encouragement. Say you are having trouble remembering to take your pills—your friends might be able to save you months of trial and error by suggesting simple things that worked for them, like keeping their pills in their computer bag.

However you use Boosts, they are one more tool in Curi™ that you can use to keep connected with your family and friends to help in your caregiving life. They allow you to widen your circle of support beyond the small group of people who make good backup caregivers and minders to the less intimate friends who still care enough to give a word of encouragement or asked for advice.