Curi spash screen.
Curi™ by Semafores.
Continued from Thank You Curi™

Amy cautiously eyes the room trying to give the impression of looking for anyone about to ask a question. In reality she doesn’t want to be caught with her guard down looking at her phone. Barely glancing down at her lap she opens her Curi™ app, glides to a screen with hers and Bill’s picture across the top, and taps on Bill’s image. Silently in the background an exchange is taking place. Curi™ allows, among other things, for an adult to manage the caregiving for one or more children. To indicate which adult is currently in charge a “C” in a red circle had been attached to Amy’s picture. By tapping the picture of Bill she was asking Curi™ to notify him that she wanted him to become the caregiver for Sarah and handle the next task.

Curi™ in the cloud had received Amy’s request and immediately notified the Curi™ app in Bill’s phone. Bill heard the alert in his phone and looked. One look told him everything he needed to know. Across the top of the screen was his and Amy’s picture but now there was a yellow circle with a “C” in it attached to his picture. This is Curi™’s signal that Amy is looking for him to take control and become the active caregiver. Below this was a picture of Sarah with the time and location of her next appointment and the caption ‘Tennis Lesson’. He could even see that several reminders had been sent. Bill tapped his picture and almost immediately the yellow circle with the “C” in it turned red. This action had confirmed to Curi™ that he would become the “primary” and take responsibility for getting Sarah to her lesson. The identical change had occurred on Amy’s screen. Now, without phone calls or text messages the transfer was complete and Amy knew that Bill had agreed to the swap and knew exactly when to get Sarah, what to do, and where to go.

The next evening was open school night. Both Amy and Bill were going right after dinner so everything was abbreviated. Dinner was leftovers. The kids were in PJ’s early and, fortunately, their homework was very light. Lucy, their college aged babysitter was, thankfully, early. While Bill explained to the kids what was expected while the two of them were away Amy explained to Lucy about Michael’s nighttime meds and how Curi™ on the family’s tablet would help. Curi’s babysitter mode allowed Lucy to be entered as a Caregiver with limited privileges so she could respond to alerts but not modify medications. Bill and Amy said their goodbyes and promised to be back soon. Lucy soon settled them in with video games followed by stories. At the appointed time the Curi™ app sounded its alert and Lucy went to the dining room to investigate. To Lucy’s surprize the alert she heard as she approached was not a buzzer or ringer but a video of Amy. She was describing Michael’s medicine, where it was kept, what he should take it with and that a possible side effect is hives so she should be aware to look out signs of itching. With each direction she had pointed the camera at the subject to make it abundantly clear what she was describing, including hives on Michael’s arms. Needless to say giving the meds was a snap. A few minutes later the phone rang and Lucy answered it.

“Adams residence.”

“Hi Lucy, This is Mrs Adams. Michael’s grandmother.”

“Hi Mrs. Adams.” Lucy replied.

“Did Michael’s medicine go alright?”

“Oh yes. It was no problem at all and he doesn’t seem to have had any reaction at all.”

“Thank you, Lucy. Just checking. Their mom and dad should be home in 40 minutes, then. Have a good night.”

“Thank you. Good night.” said Lucy.

Unbeknownst to Lucy, that call was not a coincidence. When she had forgotten to acknowledge to Curi™ that she had given Michael his medicine Curi™ automatically notified the Minder Amy had selected. On being notified, the Minder, Michael’s grandmother, was told something might be wrong concerning Michael’s meds and so she responded appropriately.

Curi™ helps families tackle the sometimes complicated task of caregiving by reminding, informing and simplifying the job of sharing duties. We welcome your comments. What would be a valuable feature for you? How could Curi™ complement or improve on what you are doing now? Let us know. Please post your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page.