Feet running on a treadmill.
Using the Treadmill

Why do I think that Curi™ will be a game changer and not just another stuff it in your pocket and forget it app? In my house we are not immune to new year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside. In my bedroom lies a treadmill that was going to keep me fit rain or shine. I can’t see it but I know it’s there under a mound of boxes. In the garage, strapped to the side of the pantry shelves, is a ski machine. It was the predecessor to the treadmill. I still have the directions, somewhere, and someday I will put it on ebay. My family even has a name for all these gadgets though I have no idea if it is original. We call them Monuments to Good Intentions. You probably have some in your house, too.

And these monuments are not limited to exercise machines, either. Juicers, bread makers, yogurt makers (if you just winced you gave your age away!), Recipe Books! They all fill that same void. The “I’m gonna change and this is gonna help me” mantra but either they lose their appeal, or we lose our zeal, or both.

What makes the difference between what we do and what we fail to do? According to Nir Eyal who writes on behavior and technology in his blog Nir & Far,

...habits are behaviors done with little or no conscious thought. Research shows almost half of what we do, day in and day out, is driven by these impulsive behaviors. (http://www.nirandfar.com/2015/01/competitions-customers.html)
The key to successfully changing oneself then is to successfully form new habits. The old school lesson taught that if you did something everyday for 21 days it would become a habit. While this may still be true our understanding has grown. Eyal goes on to explain that there is a method to building a habit.

First, you lower the bar. You make it easy to do what it is you wish to do. With Curi™, our family care coordination app, we will make it easy to enter the what, when and for whom of the tasks you are trying to get done. We get it. You are trying to reach your goal not learn an app.

Second, we will make it rewarding. No. There are no green stamps1 or bonus points. These kinds of bribes do not work in the long term, anyway. Instead we will help you follow your progress and we let your friends give you kudos and cheer you on as you make strides towards your goal. It’s like having the bench cheer you on every time you’re at bat.

And third, we make it easy to use it often. Whether you use it is to remember to take a pill, give a pill, check to see your child has received their med from someone else, or just to remind yourself to jog a lap to clear out the afternoon cobwebs, you will find many uses for Curi™ in your life. You will just want to use it for what it does for you; remind you, encourage you, give you peace of mind.

It may even get me riding that treadmill again.

1 S&H Green Stamps were reward stamps given out by grocery stores when I was growing up in New York City, which people collected, put in stamp books, and redeemed for merchandise like steam irons.