Bringing focus
to your family caregiving!


At Semafores we've been hard at work on Curi™, our mobile tool kit for family caregivers. When it is done, Curi™ will help caregivers manage the care they give with a suite of tools to help them better understand the care they give, plan their caregiving activities, share responsibility, and take action when it is needed.

After years...of work we are almost ready to take the development of Curi™ to the next level. In a matter of weeks we will have a working version of Curi™ ready to meet its very first users. If you are a caregiver for elders or children (or both at once), and you are looking for a solution to your family care coordination challenges, we want you to be one of them.

Semafores is looking for a few volunteers to help us make Curi™ the best it can be by testing it for us. You get to be among the first to try out Curi™, and get to tell us what you think about it when we can still make changes (relatively) easily. Of course, that means you'll get to see it before we've worked out most of the bugs, but we'll thank you for helping us find them. In exchange for your help as a tester we will give a you a free subscription to Curi™ for a year once we start charging our customers.

If you are interested in being a tester for Curi™ please sign up here. We'll get in touch with you about how the testing process will work and get you set up as a tester in one of our early testing rounds. Thanks in advance for your help!