Kids in the lab.
Testing making a difference.

How do you make a world class product? And what exactly does that even mean? It takes a lot of different skills, and not everyone will agree on the methods or the outcomes. I think in every case you start with a clearly defined problem and then think beyond all the current solutions. With Curi™ it was the desire to reach a higher level of personal and family wellness by allowing people to more easily work together, and to support and encourage each other.

The question isn’t; “How do you do this?” The question really is; “How do you do this intuitively, simply, easily, seamlessly and affordably?” If you can do all this then, perhaps, you can arrive at an elegant solution.

Our tack is not unique. You have to dream about it, scheme about it, take it apart in your mind. Like a hand made machine you have to tool every piece until it is as nearly flawless as you can make it. And when you put it all together you have to be willing to be wrong. You have to admit that ‘Your baby is ugly’ and start again.

We believe a tool to help you be more mindful of what you do every day will help you stay healthy. More importantly, if you are involved in the care of someone else you may need such a tool to get you out of your own head—and your own day-to-day problems and tasks and work and distractions—so you can better attend to and focus on and record what you do for that other person. That’s the only way you can learn if what you are doing is working or not, or how well it is working.

Footnote here. If all you are doing is giving your son or daughter a daily vitamin and it doesn’t matter if they miss one, then you probably don’t need anything. But maybe you have bigger issues. Maybe one dose matters a lot. Maybe noticing side effects matters a lot.

So we looked at the problem of getting:

  • The right person.
  • To do the right thing.
  • For the person who needs it.
  • At the right time.
  • And letting everyone who needs to, know that it was done.

And the right time might not be at a time on a clock so an alarm clock won’t help you. It might be after the person who needs something has completed doing this one thing.

And you might not be available to be the right person this time. It might be that you have to get someone else to fill in to be the right person and they will need to be shown exactly what to do.

And there may be more than one person in your family who needs help and more than one person who fills their needs. Having one place to look and see who is responsible for whom is a benefit.

Because making sure the right thing is done is important, having someone in the family notified so that they can take notice when it is not done and contact you, is very important.

And you get peace of mind when you can check at any time and see that everything is alright.

Now for the famous Randy Pausch Head Fake. Did you catch it? I didn’t once talk about testing. Whether this whole idea works in a smartphone or not has less to do with buttons and bandwidth and everything to do with you. Does this story make you believe that you can better cope with your family situation with our tool than you might without it? The real testing is when we put our first prototype in the hands of families and watch as they use it. That is when we see how well our theoretical work flow matches your real life. If we survive the bedlam of breakfast at your house then we’ve done what we have set out to do. More than that, we need our testers, alpha testers, to help us straighten out the maze. What have we made too complicated? What simple thing have we missed? What is the useless baggage that you will never use? You see, it simply can’t be an elegant solution until it fits you like a glove and corners ‘like it’s on rails’. If you would like to be considered for a role as an alpha tester let us know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You might be selected to put our little racecar through its paces.